We’re working hard to ensure everyone’s safety

To our valued clients, both longstanding and new, Myself and The Team at Prosparx Electrical Solutions hope that you have been keeping safe and well and managing the challenges of our new way of life we have all recently had to embrace.

We just wanted to let you know, here at Prosparx, that our team is operating as normal during the COVID-19 crisis. We have continued to conduct our business embracing new practices that ensure we are vigilant in adhering to the Australian Government’s guide on Social distancing for coronavirus (COVID-19)1

As an essential service, we are adhering to all guidelines implemented by the Australian Government and have listed below the ways in which we are keeping our customers safe:

Completion by each staff member of COVID-19 infection control training2, provided by the Australian Government.
Ensuring all vans contain disinfectant and soap, that is used on all jobs to ensure sites are cleaned effectively during this time.
Keeping a distance of two metres from all customers and only greeting customers verbally (no handshakes).
Wiping all tools with disinfectant at the end of each job so they are clean and ready for the next.
Ensuring each team member uses hand sanitiser before and after all our jobs.
If any team member is sick, they are required not to attend work, under any circumstance. Please note, as at 14 April 2020, all staff members at Prosparx have received their flu vaccination for the year.

Lastly, one of the things we have implemented in order to make our own office and factory area safe is installed sensory logistics, such as lighting, to minimize the constant contact when activating lights.

Perhaps this is a consideration you could introduce at your home or workplace?

We are here to help and offer any advice, as we have done so in the past, so should you require our services or have any queries or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Stay safe.

Jonathan and The Team at Prosparx Electrical Solutions

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